Tonio believes that every movie needs a soul.

His unique eye for the aesthetic and a strong sense for crafting stories, let his works be one of a kind. 

Many years of experience and wide-ranging skills paired with a deep understanding of nature, beauty, art and light allows him to create 

visual stories with an extraordinary impact.

Technical Skills:

Red Digital Cinema Cameras (Owner)

Arri Alexa Cameras

Phantom Flex Cameras

Fim Cameras 16 & 35 mm

Complex studio lighting set-ups.

All kinds of professional lighting & grip solutions

Da Vinci Resolve Colorgrading Systems



Together with his wife Regula, he founded his own production company "Mauve Pictures".

 © 2019 by Tonio Krueger / Lindenhofstrasse 1 / 8636 Wald ZH / Switzerland

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